Viyella Long Sleeve Mock Neck Sweater

Viyella Long Sleeve Mock Neck Sweater

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Solid 1/4 Zip Neck Sweater with Long Sleeves

Viyella's quintessential British tailoring offers modern men a sleek collection of essentials that combine classic design with unparalleled styling in luxury fabrics.

Established in 1784, Viyella prizes comfort and superior quality over throw-away fashion. Whether it's a quilted winter jacket, a structured tweed blazer or a simple checked shirt, your desire for timeless clothing will be met by Viyella.

Finally a brand that fuses form and function, seamlessly. We assure you that when you go to your closet years from now you will still love your Viyella product. After all Viyella has had over 200 years to get it right!

100% Extra Fine Merino Wool


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